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EveN Mar 30 @ 10:36am 
very good sexing
sOwOfi Dec 3, 2020 @ 11:37am 
This blatant software user hasn't been banned for a year?! This person is PROOF that Volvo does not care about their consumers, and VAC is a broken car engine. HLTV CONFIRMED!

PROOF / Evidence (Anti-Kappa Protection): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Starts wallhacking and aimbotting in 0:11, not poggers...
sOwOfi Dec 3, 2020 @ 6:12am 
h-hai.. sowwies for the eawlier cowomment >.< i-im a b-bit(ch)(not)tsundere type of girl(url, boy irl) soo i j-just d-didnt and c-couldnt admit i s-secretly..... h-have a....... CRUSH ON YOU?!?!?,,,,,,,,,--- a-and I WANNA EDATE U and k-kiss U in ag_aim_texture2 map WHILE CHILLING UNDER(:flushed:) our CUSTOM GALAXY SKYBOXES :333 awwww!! THAT'D BE SO CUTE :3 <3
yeah just kidding, f*ggot, check out my youtube at youtube.com/c/yonen my channel is dying so help me out brother :)
sOwOfi Dec 3, 2020 @ 5:28am 
hey, nn! yer profile ist now signed by yonen hvhqueen, lachbombe. xD
jessy Nov 26, 2020 @ 7:39am 
hai, pwease add my main account! im inactive on this acc :c /// profile link to add : https://steamcommunity.com/id/habbohotelli /// btw my discord server link is : https://discord.gg/KuRfPJxYYC /// alsooo ur profile is now signed by yonen btw
also hmu in discord dms if u want an invite to my new legit software :sunglasses:
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