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Looking to trade cards for cards (out of date thread, sorry! will update when I have time), games for games/ref/cards [], emoticons/backgrounds for emoticons/gems .

Every once in a while I go through my friends list and delete people I haven't traded with in a while and don't recall interacting with. Nothing personal; it's just easier for me to keep track of. If you think I deleted you accidentally or otherwise want me to add you again, just leave a comment.

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All other emoticons in my inventory are up for trade, preferably for something in one of the above categories.
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The highlight of this visual novel is its engaging cast of flawed characters who all have interesting chemistry with the protagonist. The art is rough -- a lot of the sprite poses look physically awkward and the CGs are just awful -- but the wide variety of expressions and poses lend a dynamic sense to the characters that's missing from a lot of amateur VNs with small art budgets. The plot structure is linear, but there are many choices with small effects. I especially liked the way the ending is structured; there isn't a clear right answer, and even solving the murder correctly can't satisfy everyone or tie up all the loose ends. It's a nice note of realism without feeling too much like a downer ending.

Most of the love interests aren't my personal preference (except Arken; as an oyajicon, I was pleasantly surprised to find he's actually romanceable), but the protagonist is a well-developed character who matures and grows over the course of the story, not just a player self-insert, and it's worth playing through all the romances to see her interactions with the characters. It's also interesting to see a poly romance with an established couple, which I don't think I've ever encountered in a visual novel before.

My main dislike is the mini-game; it's all right in the beginning, but once you figure out a strategy and get some abilities to help out, it's just repetitive busywork, and even more tedious when you replay the game several times to see the different endings. It would be nice to have a skip option after your first playthrough.

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