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This is a great game. I spent hours clearing this game's map with the sound turned down and a podcast on in the background. If you like what you see in the story page, then chances are you'll enjoy the game.

As far as the story goes, you can pay attention to it or ignore it entirely. You could probably go into this game without watching any of the movies first, though I recommend checking out fury road (which takes place after this game) so you can have some idea of the world your going into. I've also seen the original Mad Max movie, but I wouldn't say it's vital to watch before starting the game. The story is decent with a few cliches, but it's not the main reason you should check out this game.

There's 2 main things that you will be doing in this game, car combat and ground combat. The car combat consists of you driving around in the magnum opus (your customizable car), and using the weaponry at your disposal (or even the car itself) to take down any enemies you come across. The ground combat is similar to the Batman: Arkham series, though with a shotgun, shivs, and melee weapons. Going around clearing camps and scavenging locations is pretty enjoyable, and you feel pretty satisfied when you finally clear the game's map.

The only thing I wasn't too big of a fan of was that if you're not careful and clear too much of the map too soon, you can make some of the challenges a lot harder to complete. If you don't plan on getting all the achievements, then this is no big deal, but if you want to try to do that, you'll need to have a game plan for when you're going to do the non-repeatable challenges so that you don't have to spend a ton of time waiting for a storm to come or to run into a certain enemy vehicle.

All in all, I highly recommend you pick this game up when it's next on sale. Get a feel for the story, then turn down the in-game volume and put on some music or a podcast of your choice. I'm sure you'll be able to put quite a few hours into it.

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