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This game is absolutely insane! I love a good racing game every once in a while, and this one is definitely great. If you've ever wanted to feel like the driver in an action movie, this is the game for you.

So the main gimmick of this game is the power meter, which increases as you do things such as jumps and drafting. With it you can set off power plays that are scattered around the track. The power plays can do things such as opening up a shortcut, blowing up a bus so that the person ahead of you crashes and you can overtake them, or even major route changes to the track. For example, on one track, setting off a route change will cause the roof of a warehouse to collapse, creating a ramp that you use to jump onto a huge aircraft carrier, which starts to sink so everyone has to dodge the jets that are slowly sliding off of it. The power plays are absolutely amazing and the main reason I recommend checking this game out.

So far I've only played on the campaign mode, which is set up like a TV show. While this may sound it a bit weird, it really works in context, and the cutscenes showing off the track in the next episode get you pumped to try them out. Playing the stages in the episodes will give you credits depending on how well you did, and the more credits you get the more cars you unlock. There's also several different gameplay modes, from your standard race, to an elimination mode where last place blows up every few seconds, and even a time trial mode where power plays trigger ahead of you and you have to dodge them. The game also supports LAN and even Split Screen gameplay, though from what I can tell the Online mode is dead.

I have also heard of issues with save files corrupting, and I'm being careful and backing up my save data in case this happens to me, but until i get further in the game I don't really have much to say about it other than be careful.

All in all, pick this game up if you're a fan of racing games and explosive environments. I'd say this is worth the asking price of $20, but it can go on sale for around $5, so you may want to wait.

Edit: I managed to fun into the save bug. Basically during one the the ep. 6 races i got a message saying the autosave failed and that saving would be suspended. I tried overwritting the save with a backup but I just got the same message when it tried to save again. What fixed it for me was just leaving the corrupted save file alone and playing till the first race of ep 7. Hopefully I don't run into this again.
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