"Switchin' lanes and I'm seein' lights, you know I watch the curb"

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Steve Harrington Mar 26 @ 3:46pm 
do the helicopter while you fart. Make people snort that coke like its a drug!
Gonna piss in your mug, so you have some warm tea you see!
something at night you will dream, ♥♥♥ in your sock!
make some people buy all of your stock!
like bathwater, but better!
Gonna get a camcorder and follow a girl called heather.
dat ass on the screen 4k you gon be a movie maker!
hafroll Mar 26 @ 3:42pm 
stfu you're loud
Steve Harrington Mar 26 @ 3:41pm 
Smack that hoe in the face
No regrets for the work I mash, 'cause I could go any day
Cops just want me in chains
Smoke that kush for the pain
Lookin' back at those days in the yard, I was frontline in the main
hafroll Mar 26 @ 3:40pm 
n word user n1gger
Steve Harrington Mar 26 @ 3:39pm 
Riding round in a rover, if i see opps then its over.
sending mens straight to jehova, when i take my shots like mc shepova.
Doin some tennis, call my man dennis im a menace!