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Welcome To My Profile
Welcome To My Profile!
Hey there! Welcome to my profile! This bit here is just to tell you a bit about myself, and a few things you will have to take in consideration before you attempt to add me, or trade with me etc.

Main Game
CSGO. TF2 is close though.

Dream CS Items
- Flip Knife, either with Tiger Tooth, Fade, Doppler or Slaughter. Maybe even Marble Fade.
- Desert Eagle Blaze. Coz yaaa YEET!
- Souvenir AWP Pink DDPAT, or Stat Trak AWP Asiimov with a Black Scope
- Hand Wraps - Leather. Battle Scarred look the best.

- As I mentioned, I have a YouTube channel under the name "Killionaire". I 'specialize' (not really) in random TF2 gameplay, messing with different loadouts, and I am working soon on Frag Movie development. I'm also looking to add competitive within the mix of content that my channel provides.

- The link to the channel is here:

Friends List
- You must be at least Steam Level 2 or above, and no private profile/inventory.
- COMMENT BELOW on my profile stating your reason as to why you want to add, whether it's trade, or something else.

- Online: I'm probably not doing anything, so send a message if you want.
- In a game: I am probably doing something competitive, practising, or recording. So DO NOT MESSAGE.
- Busy: Kind of obvious.
- Away: Also kind of obvious.
- Looking to trade: Who the fuck uses that?
- Looking to play: ...Or that?
- Offline - If you don't know what this means, then you're special.
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Hey man, it'd be nice to be pals. I wanted to get to know other YouTubers and maybe we could collab or something
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waluigi main in smash
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