The Master
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Favorite Doctor Who Scene:
The Master: No. No. That wasn't funny. You see, I'm not making myself very clear. Funny is like this.
[he grins]
The Master: Not funny is like this.
[he frowns]
The Master: And right now, I'm not like
The Master: I'm like
The Master: because you are traitors. Yes, YOU are! As soon as you saw the votes swinging MY way, you abandoned your parties and jumped on the Saxon bandwagon!
The Master: So this is your reward.
[he puts on a mouth and nose gas-mask]
Albert Dumfries: Excuse me, Prime Minister, but do you mind my asking, what is that?
The Master: [muffled] It's a gas mask.
Albert Dumfries: I beg your pardon?
The Master: [lifts the mask, repeating himself] It's a gas mask.
Albert Dumfries: Yes, but why are you wearing it?
The Master: [muffled] Well, because of the gas.
Albert Dumfries: I'm sorry?
The Master: [lifts mask again, repeating himself] Because of the gas.
Albert Dumfries: What gas?
The Master: [gesturing to the room, muffled] This gas.
[gas is released into the room from the speakerphone on the conference desk]
Albert Dumfries: You're insane!
[the Master grins and gives a double thumbs up]
Albert Dumfries: [Albert dies, followed by the rest of the Cabinet]
Favorite Boatmurdered(Dwarf Fortress story) quotes:

I'm feeling myself grow callous here. I didn't even look up when my assistant told me that a kobold raiding force showed up on the outskirts of our settlement. Sadly, I was even less surprised when they immediately left.

Come on guys, we have a nice settlement, why didn't you stick around? Was it the ashen wasteland? The bloodstained gates? Was it the screams of madmen or the stench of death? We've got awful nice engravings of some fucking cheese here, come the fuck on in!
-- "Cross Quantum"

So the merchants arrive to see blood and vomit everywhere, us hauling corpses en masse to the graveyard, a couple rampaging elephants.
'Hope you like miasma!'
-- "StarkRavingMad"

I ask that you picture this dwarven champion pausing briefly atop the last ash-encrusted ridge in the distance. In the waning light of a setting sun, he looks back upon the gaping, smoking maw of hell's door one last time. At this moment, he finally sees Boatmurdered for what it truly is; a wicked and foreboding blight upon the surrounding lands. The windswept and charred landscape robs him of any tears he might have produced. All are dead at Boatmurdered. The best dwarves he has ever known...gone. In his mind, the blood of the dozens he could not save will eternally stain his hands. In his head, he will forever hear the screams of the dead as they burned or murdered one another in the last days of the once-proud fortress.
-- "Evilslug"

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i, by miracle, had a backup of fwb, so no need for recreation, when you can just re-upload: