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Posted: Jul 4, 2017 @ 2:17pm
Updated: Jul 4, 2017 @ 3:52pm

Game is loads of fun and challenging!

However, every time i play with friends, the game desync's big time- rendering the game hard to play or unplayable.

During one of our last playthroughs, everyone desync'd and dropped out of the game (because we were unable to resync the game on time) except for one person (so it resulted in all of us backseat driving off of one computer, abandoning all of our shots at getting achievements unlocked, etc).

We have attempted to complete a game a handful of times and each one included at least a dozen or so relaunches per person as an attempt to resync the game with everyone else (during the asycnchronized game mode, since regular game mode did not permit us enough time to perform a resync attempt). This resulted in improper readings on shields, crisis countdowns and more. It was a nightmare! We are still determined to complete a match, but are still facing the same desync issues.

I have only had one match where the desync did not occur.

Overall, the game is loads of fun and worth a shot if you only plan on playing single player. Things are pretty unstable and I would not recommend this to anyone looking to play this with friends (which is the reason why I purchased this game).

Will update my review once this major bug is fixed.

UPDATE: Now each player is getting a DIFFERENT crisis on their screen due to the sync bug. GG.
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