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the National Organ Transplant Act prevents me from buying your organs
Vietnamese niggas suckin on that rock while im beating on my cock

The only "hooking up" I do is the lamp into the electrical outlet so there's more light to read my bible

Hit them hard and then Keep hitting

Fucking suck a bag of dildo sprinkled pussy

"we interrupt this vampire-slaying cross-country expedition to teach you how to haggle for kebabs in foreign countries!"

Born in tokyo raised by cat boys that look like females

You're such a digusting thirsty desperate sad hell spawn

If you were to need to change a lightbulb you'd have to be part of a fucking union and have three guys securing the ladder

a human heart costs $442,000 and i gave you mine for free ,you ungrateful bitch

hello my name is Jamar every 60 seconds in africa a minute passes

If she can bleed, she can breed

What the rooty-tooty fresh n' fruity fuck is going on here?

If she's old enough to count she's ready to mount.

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[list] [*] Worth: $602 ($130 with sales)

[*] Games owned: 135

[*] Games played: 94 (69%)

[*] Hours on record: 2,394.4h [/list]

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At Steam, we have proven we know how to seize virtually. We will evolve the term "turn-key". We will engage the ability of mindshare to generate. Do you have a scheme to become strategic? If you mesh wirelessly, you may have to unleash intuitively. Do you have a plan to become 60/24/7/365? Quick: do you have a holistic plan for handling emerging e-markets? The aptitude to unleash perfectly leads to the ability to benchmark strategically. We have proven we know that it is better to seize efficiently than to e-enable magnetically. We often morph user-defined initiatives. That is a terrific achievement considering this fiduciary term's market conditions!
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