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My YouTube Playlists: Complete Spy Guides and Competitive TF2 Guides

My Team Fortress 2 Competitive Play:

EU UGC Steel Summer Season 10, 2013, Spy for Europe's Egotists (ESE)
EU UGC Steel Fall Season 11, 2013, Spy for Grumpy Old Men Club (GOLD) - Reached Semi-finals
ETF2L Division 6 Highlander, Season 5, Autumn/Winter 2013/14, Spy for Grumpy Old Men Club (GOLD) - Group Winners, with undefeated season
EU UGC Silver Season 12, Winter 2013/Spring 2014, Spy for Grumpy Old Men Club (GOLD) - Reached Second Round of Play-offs
ETF2L Division 4 Highlander, Season 6, Winter/Spring 2014, Spy for Grumpy Old Men Club (GOLD) - Group Winners, with undefeated season
EU UGC Silver Season 13, Spring/Summer 2014, Spy for Grumpy Old Men Club (GOLD) - Reached Play-offs
ETF2L Division 6 Sixes, All-class Sub for Bigdik eSports (Fun off-classing team for the Grumpy members)
ETF2L Division 3 Highlander, Season 7, Autumn/Winter 2014, Spy for Grumpy Old Men Club (GOLD) - 3rd Place
ETF2L High Division Highlander, Season 8, Summer 2015, Spy for GA
UGC Gold Division Highlander, Season 17, Autumn 2015, Spy for Tap of the Tits




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Team Fortress 2 Video Guides Playlists
TF2 is pure laugh-out-loud fun for me, but it could be pretty complicated to new players, or those who'd like to try competitive. So I've made some playlists from the great guides, frag videos and match gameplays on YouTube in the hope of getting new players into it. Have fun!

TF2 Beginner's Guides – Completely new to TF2? These are for you!
Complete Spy Guides & Tutorials – From Stabs to Weapons to Competitive
Competitive TF2 Guides – All-class pro tips from your first lobbies to league team matches
Spy POV Competitive Highlander Matches, All Levels – For Spy mains intending to play in a league
My TF2 Spy Videos
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Hey Kixen not sure if you remember me. I played with you a long time ago Duke, togehter with some old friends: ahb_kasino Doc Humbug and Rambasamba. Now I started to play TF2. I thought that maybe we could play together one day. ;) It would be a big pleasure for me. :steamhappy:
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Hi. I would like to ask how much for your Sledder's Sidekick if you are interested then please accpet my friend request.

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Thanks to those who added/offered lately. Still away now, but back tomorrow to catch up. See you soon.
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