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poland 2
i featured every good yakuza game on my profile
every yakuza game not featured is objectively bad!!! <3 <3
super mario in real life
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in my humble opinion Hideo Kojima is the Hideo Kojima of Kojima Games
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weezer the cat
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ketrub Feb 18 @ 11:55am 
polish joker
devil may call saul Feb 18 @ 11:54am 
i am leaker from romania persona 6 will be in poland the main protagonist is gonna be pissfat he is a teen in poland
alpha omega Feb 17 @ 3:36pm 
yes i did but its ok now it was doing a update then i came back and i went back to the game and it was there
ketrub Feb 17 @ 6:59am 
did you install it
alpha omega Feb 17 @ 6:17am 
hey ketrub just asking how did u get outlast whisileblower in the main screen bc when i go into it it does not come up i was just wondering if u can help me
Timo654 Feb 7 @ 2:32am 
i can only 3v3 you sorry