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A great game with a very friendly and tolerant community, its also a very educational and cultural experience. Since I've been playing dota I've learned to speak russian and spanish, Who needs rosetta stone when you have dota right? The russians are so friendly and have a neat little nickname for americans called "Suukah", I think it means comrade or friend. And the peruvians are so helpful, for instance I was mid as pudge and at the start of the match a peruvian dazzle came mid with me and stayed with for about 11 minutes, He helped me out by taking the last hits and first blood. He said "movimiento ♥♥♥♥", I think it means "I got your back", What a nice guy. Dota is great and all but there are a few problems with some heros, like bloodseeker, Phantom Assassin, Faceless void, And huskar. They need to be buffed, I find them extrememly underwhelmed. Bloodseekers ult cd is just too long and needs to be lowered to ten seconds, Phantom assassin needs a higher crit ratio, faceless needs more evasion and movement speed, and huskar's flaming spear should cost no hp. Oh and there's one other hero needs to be nerfed hard, Bat rider is just too overpowered and unbalanced. I think he has too much hp, and the base should be lowered to 320, also lower his base movement speed to 200. Aside from those few problems dota 2 is the best FPS I have ever played in my life.

Not copy pasting :P
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