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If you're adding me, leave a comment or I'll deny.
If I've got a game running, I'm playing, not idling.
If I'm playing, I'm not chatting ^^;

Wait, you made it this far? I didn't scare you off yet? Hi there!
The above statements are true, but I may be nicer than that all seems. Maybe.
I have too many games, and too little time to play them.

I "run" a few groups, but really that means, I found people to successfully help me run groups. Really they deserve all the credit.

Action games tend to be my favorite sub-genre. Nearly any type of genre mixed with Action will get me to play it, aside from a few genre's I just don't touch. I have a weak spot for minimalist and first person puzzle games. Metroidvania's tend to be my favorite among favorites.

I really don't like Point & Click games... though a dear friend tried her hardest to get me to like them. Bless her. Strangely, I like HOGs from time to time.

Yes, I'm really in Korea. I'm doing what any native English speaker does in Korea. Find something better to do with your time. :)

Hope that's enough info for now.
I do not trade (except trading cards), so if someone tries to impersonate me... it's a lie ;)
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Important Stuff
Not me :)

Do not contact me here for Steamgifts support. Especially if you've been suspended. File an unsuspend ticket.
Friendly advice for your ticket. If you want to be answered soon, be polite. Don't throw accusations around. Insulting people won't get your ticket answered faster. May have the opposite effect. Yes, I understand you may be frustrated, but taking it out on others won't get your problem solved sooner. We're volunteers. Quitting time for volunteers each day on SG is whenever we decide it is. :)
Tuesdays KST? I'm typically Busy! Expect Nothing!

Who am I?
Just some expat who collects games while travelling the world and teaching English.

Why do you play games?
Well, some of my earliest memories involve them. I can't remember a time without them. When I was very very young, I remember playing on my Great Aunt's Pong console.

Do you review games?
Sometimes for fun. When I remember. I have to do it immediately after completing a game or else I'll lose track of things. Though sometimes I disagree with people. Just cause it's a well made game, with a good story, doesn't mean I think people should play it, or I'd recommend it. I like to enjoy games, not endlessly analyze the meaning of games and their place in our society. That's what my teaching is for. Gaming is purely for entertainment and downtime.

Sometimes I disagree with the general public. This gets me in trouble sometimes on my reviews. Whatever. I'd rather be honest than add more hype to something I don't think deserves it.

What genre's do you love/hate?
I'm old school. I've always loved a good metroidvania, and a little less platformers.
Adventure games done well are awesome. FPSs are always welcome as are first person puzzlers.
I love Stealth games and have endless amounts of fun trying to stealth EVERYTHING. Every once in awhile I like a well made HOG. I was surprised when I learned this. I never expected to like them. But I do... truth be told I do.

I avoid with a passion almost 99% of P&C's, 4X, Grand Strategy, Tactical, and lately, Visual Novels. Why? I dunno, I just do. Have I played some? Yes. Will I play more in the future? Probably though not many.

Depends on the game and if you're even around when I have free time. Being on Korean Standard Time puts me online at weird times. Also, I like to look at things. >_>

Do you run groups? (Can I join them?)
The groups I run are totally based on subjectivity. Unless I know you, asking to join is almost like asking to be told no. Don't add me to ask to join my group. That invitation will get you no where.

My Groups have very specific purposes.
K&K's - Bundle Group.
Cult of Tears - Where I make people cry.
Hidden Puzzle Solvers - Legacy Group from when I made puzzles for SG. Will I again? Maybe.
The QUIPS - The Quixotic Unabashedly Insouciant Parrhesiatic Syndicate (Help Much?)

Keo I haven't heard from you in forever, what are you doing?
Probably wondering if you'll message me. I'm kind of tired of hunting people down. This time zone thing is really a drag. I mostly talk to the people who join my chat. If you want to hear from me, make the first step. I'm tired of everyone being asleep when I message. :/

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Short Version: 8/10

Not suprisingly, Hue is a beautifully developed puzzle platformer that takes color puzzles a step further than previously seen. Hue will grab your attention right away, amuse you with it's novel puzzles and pull you along for the ride. Toward the end the game becomes a little tedious as the color puzzles go from novel to tiresome. Solid little puzzle platformer that can easily be completed in under 5 hours, and for that reason, the price is quite a bit high. On sale or rebundled, a solid 8 out of 10 in my eyes.

Story: 10
The narrative draws you into the story of a mother and son, their relationship, and the omninous presence of Dr. Grey, the "enemy" of color. Restore the project your mother was researching in order to save her. In the process, discover a bit about how perspective colors your world and how a single piece of information can change your viewpoint.

Gameplay: 7
Gameplay is extremely intuitive and well thought out. Nothing seems awkward, though timing may irritate the player from time to time. Toward the end the game starts to feel as if the designers were struggling to come up with new challenges that made the puzzles go from interesting to solve to hurdles to deal with. Somewhere along the way, the equation of fun got lost, though when a puzzle is solved there still is some sense of accomplishment. However, overall game play is very well done.

Soundtrack: 10
Extremely peaceful and lends itself to the game's environment and puzzling. The voice actors perform quite well and they blend seamlessly into the overall presentation.

Controls: 9
This was one of my few gripes about the game. While a controller is recommended, and I played that way (Xbone), I would have preferred to remap movement to the d-pad and not use the left analog stick. This, however, was not possible on my controller. I tend to prefer the precision control that a digital off/on state allows on the d-pad and that one doesn't quite get with a stick. Sure, there is a point when the game recognizes that you've activated, but why would I want this on a platformer? It's like trying to use a Red Cherry MX switch and find the edge of the platform with less than ideal tactile feedback. I probably sound nitpicky, and eventually you do find that rhythm with your controller, but still, was tiresome.

Achievements: 6
Most of the achievements will be acquired through normal play, except the final one, which will require a bit of backtracking and puzzle solving duplication. They all work, so nothing to stress here. If you're looking for some fairly easy ones to pick up, this game will satisfy most of that desire.
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