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Hi, My name is Kenuty, and I review video games for fun. I have over 9500 games total digital and physical + console games. My steam collection is tiny growing of todays latest games and yes I do own games on every other platforms besides steam.

My opinion is usually unbiased towards games or sometimes indifferent. I believe all games can become something great and can be improved on. I love every game and have dedicated my life to being a game guru.
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My reviews are done because of my passion for gaming and for the sake of just doing it because I buy/PLAY mostly every game out there so to help others out there who needs to buy that one game they want to really play. I usually stream the newest games and announce it on the group bottom. My views on games is mostly neutral and unbiased no matter who made it and how bad the game you think it is I'll play it.
If you can't make up your own opinion about video games/is a raging fanboy/ A hater, then you are doing it wrong. See what you like, research and make up your own damn mind or watch reviews to get some insight on video games.
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Finally after 4 hours I won a game!

The music is quirky the chracters are goofy and the physics and mini games are absolutely fun with 20+ of em and more to come. You grab, jump and dive that's all you need to know Think cartoony and goofy American Ninja warriors but with 60 players and as jelly beans so you'll have to adhere to the physics, finally battle royale game without guns.

There are many unlocks and unique costumes to earn and if you win first place you earn crowns to unlock special cool looking stuff. Seasons in this game will keep you going and so far there is only 25 maps so hopefully we'll see more.
At the end of the day all I got to say is, only one person will be left standing.

This is probably the best party game since sliced bread. My only downside on this game is when there isn't 60 players to play, and how fast will they release maps and modes for the players, The team game needs a fix up some sort of communication so whacky and random and like many, i absolutely hate them. Servers having issues at the moment but Other than that no problem as long as the game keeps on going with these few negative aside I am thoroughly enjoying the game.
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