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Oh where do I begin with this game... I loved this game so much I could not put it down, there's so many things to love.

I found Spiritfarer to be such a wonderful and unique experience encompassing various genres. It's a story-driven platformer with resource management qualities akin to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game also harbors exploration of the sea filling up a large map that brought back memories of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

The game has gorgeous art, an amazing soundtrack and has captivating story that truly draws you in.

In this game you play as Stella a girl who has taken the mantle of Spiritfarer for Charon, the ferryman for Hades known for his popular depictions in Greek Mythology.

Given the story, you are explore and to collect the spirits of the dead, learning their life stories and helping them pass on.

In your journey you'll find yourself crafting, fishing, gardening, and cooking as you upgrade your ship and travel across the various islands in the afterlife. You will also helping those you come across in various ways to come to terms with themselves in this purgatorial world.

It's funny how the game has such a way of getting you attached to various buildings and stations. Stations that allow you to progress, feed others and upgrade your ship.

As stories are told from various spirits of past, you'll obtain the schematics to these buildings in relation to former memories. For that moment of a young woman in the war who was a forger will provide you with a foundry and with your association with it... It will not just be any foundry for it will be HER foundry.

It's bittersweet that the spirits that provide you with the duty to create these stations will eventually pass on. The buildings remain and your memories of them will remain along with their quarters, the ship becoming more full but leaving fond memories of these individuals but also leaving an empty shell of their presence.

What I love about Spiritfarer is it's positive outlook on death. Most games will have you avoid death, it's a negative thing. It's often seen as a mark of failure or a reminder of you are not quite ready for the challenges ahead.

On the other hand, Spiiritfarer uses death as an objective, its the defining goal in what you'll be striving for. It's a game with a romanticized view of death in which I found to be quite unique and not something we really see in media today. And it truly communicates the positive aspects of death.

It does so in it's world, it's characters and it's wonderfully crafted story that will leave you breath-taken.

Spiritfarer is in essence a chance to give the concept of death a warm embrace, to accept it as necessary and essential to the overall process of existence.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find this game touches you as it did with me.
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Your reviews are amazing, dude.
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