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I'm porting / extract models games in my free time. Mainly Overwatch or a model that uses "cartoon" graphics.

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Mercy is one of the heroes in Overwatch (Support). Skins also contains all variants (Rare/Epic)

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Q&A about SFM Models
I do not see some bones.

Sometimes I change bones to "JiggleBones", that moves dynamically during runtime.( physics of the engine "Soruce") Usually I do it with hair bones, skirts or protruding model elements. To see these bones and be able to mimic them as I fit you, just:

Right mouse button on model --> Utilities --> Bake Procedural Bones

Example []

How to choose an animation (Sequence) in model?

Right mouse button on model --> Import --> Sequence

Example []

Each Model has Animation;
VP (Victory Pose)
PotG (Play of the Game)
Walk & Crouch (If the character has)
- Choosing Hero (with variants)
- "Hello!"
- Knocking Down & Get Up
- Hit mele & Reload
- etc.

How to connect Models?

1. Select and drag on model with which you want to connect
2. Select ONLY bones that are Locked (Padlock next to them)
3. Animation Set Editor -> Procedural -> Zero -> Move Slider all the way
4. Done

Example []

Sometimes model has too many bones (<256) and I have to divide it into 2. I usually reduce unnecessary bones.
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Left 4 Dead 2
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a JagUah XJah15 Jan 19 @ 12:30am 
I went into the .vpk of the Ashe Rochelle mod u made and edited all the .vmt files and put $nodecal 1 in. It fixed the Hunter Pounce crash issue. Only thing is you wont get blood on the model anymore so she will always look beautiful. Hopefully the creator of this mod sees this and updates this one with this fix or fixes the issue entirely since they made the mod.

Check your Ashe Rochelle mod it needs an update it suffers from a hunter pounce crash bug
Don't Be Scared It's Me Sowd Jan 13 @ 11:20am 
Please add me back
Meme Mysterio Jan 3 @ 5:20am 
kemot44 Jan 2 @ 6:30pm 
@Meme Mysterio; yes and not only
Meme Mysterio Jan 2 @ 2:01pm 
Question: Do you even make Gmod Ragdolls?
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