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I chose this over a fancy meal for Valentine’s Day, I made the right choice.

Monster Prom is a dating sim/visual novel type thing from Beautiful Glitch. I picked this up on a whim yesterday, figuring it might be a fun thing to play with my girlfriend on Valentine’s day, and wow was I right. Monster Prom is one of the most enjoyable local multiplayer games I’ve ever played. We were laughing out loud the whole time and the sheer amount of content here is unbelievable.

  • The art here is great. The character design, even design, the polaroids at the end of a run. They’re all great and importantly, the style is consistent. It all works really well with the theme of the game too.

  • There’s SO MUCH CONTENT here, it’s unbelievable. There are 29 secret endings, over 400 different events and around 1400 different outcomes. And that doesn’t even include the DLC that just came out. I’m honestly amazed by how much content there is here, especially since the writing so far has been really consistent. I’ve played three runs so far and if I remember correctly from the end-of-run stats, I’ve seen 30 events and 1 secret ending, with only one repeat. There'a lot of replayability to be had here, even more so if you’re a completionist.

  • So, events are the real meat of the game here. Each week is split into three sections: Morning, Lunch: Evening. There are three weeks before prom, so you three of each of these. Morning and Evening let you choose what part of the school you want to go to, while lunch is all about choosing which table you want to sit at. The events you see depend on which location you go to or what table you sit at. For the Morning and Evening one, you get a mini-event that gives you a stat boost before you meet some of the characters in the game. Lunch skips that mini-event and gets right to the characters who are sitting at the table you chose. The events themselves are usually a conversation between two or more of the characters (though you’re sometimes one-on-one with a character) and at the end you get to choose between two options. The options you pick get you favour with one of the characters, which increases the chance of you successfully asking them to prom at the end of the three weeks. Sometimes it’s really clear which option gets you favour with a certain character, while other times it’s more of a challenge. I think it works really well.

  • Speaking of the characters, there are six monsters in the base game that you can try and woo and take to prom. Each monster has a very different personality and wooing each one will lead to very different game experiences. At the start of the game, you take a brief quiz that sets up some of your stats, but also starts you off with some favour with one of the characters. For example, choosing a violent option on the quiz gets you favour with Damien, the demon in the game. What’s really nice though, is that you don’t have to stick to the character from the quiz. In my first run, Damien was the monster I got in the quiz, but I actually ended up taking Polly to the prom.

  • As well as the main monsters, there are also a few minor characters that pop up throughout the game, such as a coven of witches trying to save the world from some weird character who’s name I consistently mispronounced, to a kappa who will ask to look inside your butt. There’s also a shopkeeper who you can buy items from, seemingly to help you woo your chosen monster, but I haven’t played around with that too much yet. Just like the monsters, they all feel like they are clear individuals but you probably won’t interact with more than one of them in a single run.

  • As I mentioned earlier, the writing here is absolutely fantastic. If you’re playing multiplayer, I really recommend reading the game out loud, it works really well with the way the game is written and when I played it with my girlfriend, we were pretty much laughing out loud the entire time. Not all of the events are laugh out loud funny, but even when they aren’t, the writing is really excellent, and you get a real sense of the different monster personalities. They did a great job making them all seem like individuals.

  • The end-of-run stat screen is a nice little feature. It’s nice to see how many new events, endings or outcomes you unlocked in a run and what your overall progress is. And actually, speaking of runs: a regular run lasts about an hour (you can also play a shortened version) which is really the perfect length for this particular game. I would love to see this writing in a long-form visual novel though.

  • There’s a really fun mechanic for switching the turn order around in MP. It’ll give you something you need to say out loud, such as “name an animal” and then on the next screen it’ll give you a discussion about that thing. Such as “which animal would you least want to eat”. That’s not the best example, but it ended up being a really fun part of the game.

  • Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but it seemed like there was only one music track in the game. Surprisingly it didn’t seem super repetitive when playing multiplayer, but only having one track is a bit ridiculous. EDIT: This is not the case! There is more music than just one track! I literally have nothing else that's negative to say about this game.


I’ve absolutely loved my time with Monster Prom so far, despite never having much interest in Dating Sims. The writing is consistently hilarious, the characters are fantastic and there’s an enormous amount of content. It’s also one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had. This is a must buy!

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Have a great weekend, dude! Hope life's been good to ya. :clef:
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Cool, I accepted your invite. Shoot me a message with any questions you have
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I'm solo indie developer. I'm developing a deck builder game. I'm contacting people that reviewed card games to do some research about directions for my game.
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Yeah I'm excited to get to the rest of the Death novels, I've heard great things about Reaper Man in particular
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Ah. I didn't enjoy Equal Rites either. I recommend more of the The Death Collection, whenever you get around to reading them. Mort is apart of this Collection. The other 4 are Reaper Man, Soul Music, Thief of Time and my all-time favorite Hogfather.