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This is a technically excellent point & click adventure game - the puzzles are hard, yet logical - they flow well together, rarely outstay their welcome and I only found myself reaching for hints once or twice. The pixel graphics are lovely - the modern touches that they included work really well, without taking away from the aesthetic. And the voice acting is mostly fantastic - although playing with 5.1 surround sound, occasionally the odd line would come through only one rear speaker, very quietly. But withstanding (presumably fixable) audio playback bugs, the game is clearly a labour of love - and I'm very glad I backed it on Kickstarter.

With all that said, I felt the game lacks much of the soul that made a lot of the classic LucasArt point & clicks so endearing. With the exception of one playable character (arguably two I guess), the majority are flat and uninteresting. The dialog spends far too much time on making jokes about old adventure games or "fan service", which although sometimes smile inducing, rarely got any honest laughs. The storyline starts interestingly, but peters out well before the game actually finishes - and I think the actual ending is a lot less clever than they thought it would be.

All in all, I strongly would recommend all point & click adventure game fans play Thimbleweed Park, if just to see what technical excellence in the genre looks like. If you're not already a fan, I'd suggest looking elsewhere first, such as Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango or the Monkey Island series - which on the whole I'd say are more compelling games.

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