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Any boosters, items, or cards shown are no longer buyable or sellable on the market and will only be traded for foils I need.

Check out my inventory.

Guest passes, coupons, backgrounds, emoticons, boosters for cards.

1 Foil = Pick as many coupons as you want

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1 Foil (including Steam Sales) = 1 Booster (any), regardless of Market value.

3 Steam Sales Cards = 1 Booster, market value 30¢ or less.

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Welcome to my guide for modding Skyrim. This is a mod list des
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Due to increased requests, I will not accept friend requests from apparent scam accounts. Low level accounts with few games and little play time will be ignored, sorry. Private profiles will be blocked without question.

I do not play CS:GO, TF2, or Dota 2. I am not interested in these games, nor in trading items for these games. If these games, or trading items for these games, are your sole or primary interest on Steam, please do not add me.

Attention CS:GO players: if CS:GO is your primary interest... I DO NOT PLAY. I DO NOT TRADE GAME ITEMS. PERIOD. All CS:GO players with comparatively little play time in other games will now be blocked.

If you have been VAC banned, you will be ignored. If you have been Trade Banned, you will be blocked.

If you are using a questionable profile name intended to provoke reaction, or have such materials posted or linked on your account, please do not add me, you will be blocked.

If you are accepted and your acceptance is followed by many requests by friends of yours who fit any of the above, you will be removed, blocked, and any comments or dialogues will be deleted.

I am not here to provide you with the rare cards you need through trades. Nor am I "selfish" for wanting to keep them. If your opinion is to the contrary, please do not add me, I do not trade cards I need to make a set.

Skyrim and Fallout folks, feel free to add me.
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I may never play again
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The Forgotten City is the first mod in history to win a national Writers' Guild award, and offers a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to
Created by - ModernStoryteller
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If, like me, you played the original, especially on first release, you HAVE to play Wasteland 2. There will be some VERY familiar characters, places, scenarios, and missions. This updated version takes place several years after the first, perhaps a decade or more, but stays very true to the original Wasteland, something other post-apocalypse games (I'm looking at you Fallout series) have tried and never quite accomplished. Even the mechanics and UI, while completely modern, feel very familiar. The story is top-notch, and the world, as true to the original, feels the weight of the player's footsteps and those footprints persist. Early on, your characters will all feel the same, but you do have to invest in diversified specializations, giving each character a unique feel. The engine has been vastly improved since original early access and runs super smoothly. Other interface problems, issues and complaints have been rectified, and patches and post-release maintenance have been timely. Solid, thoroughly enjoyable game from a solid, committed developer. What more can you ask for? Well, for me, the only thing I find missing (spoiled by Skyrim, I guess) is the ability to switch into first person more. Had this been designed in, Wasteland 2 would be very near to perfection for me. And that's my only complaint, really, the camera. Sometimes you want to get in a bit closer, to see what your character is seeing, to set up line of sight down a scope, to see your bludgeoning up close and personal, what have you. Maybe in Wasteland 3? Hopefully it doesn't take another quarter century for that to happen.
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