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Dave's Apprentice

Complete your first Broadcast.
Unlocked Sep 12 @ 3:55pm

Peeking Behind The Curtain

Watch a Broadcast back in the Rushes Room.
Unlocked Sep 12 @ 3:58pm

Nice Broadcast!

Get an A+ for any Broadcast.

Fancy Work

Get an A+ for three different Broadcasts.

Very Advanced

Align with the Advance Agenda.

How Disruptive

Rally against Advance's Establishment.

Middle Of The Road

Stay neutral.

Feel The Music

Max out the boost in any Rhythm Editing section.

If At First You Don't Overachieve

Replay any Sequence.

Damn I'm Good

Watch one of your own Broadcasts.

You Call That A Challenge?

Complete all levels for any challenge.

Bring On Round Two

Complete every level of every challenge so far.

Love's Labours Hugged

Complete the Lockdown Broadcast.

The Boss That Could Have Been

View all three versions of Boseman's Lockdown Educational Video.

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