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Spells and Swords

Defeat Estuary Lamech.
Unlocked May 23 @ 9:09pm

Captain and Crew

Defeat the Void Beasts of Axis Mundi.
Unlocked May 27 @ 1:30pm

Harvest and Home

Defeat Estuary Naamah.
Unlocked May 28 @ 11:12am

Truly Blessed

Have a Blessing of Strength, Wisdom and Talent all at the same time.
Unlocked May 28 @ 11:17am

Good Practice

Spinkick every object on the Docks without touching the floor.

Good Boy!

Pet the Dragon.


Knock out an Estuary.

No Harm in Looking

Enable House Rules once.

Maybe Wax Doesn't Melt

Reach the Sun with Icarus' Wings.

It Was Just an Estimate

Do not escape in time.

Just the Beginning

Unlock Soul Shop Overload.

Wasted Betrayal

Discover the hidden memory.

Color Coordination

Unlock Unity lvl 3 on a set of equipment.

Jack of all Trades

Reach a combined Mastery level of 150 across all classes.

Erebus Purified

Earn a bronze trophy or higher for every Scar Challenge.

Looks Familiar

Have at least one point in every Skill in your Manor.

Pillow Investments

Buy one of every Rune from the Enchantress.


Buy one of every item from the Blacksmith.

Full House

Befriend everyone.

Rogue's Legacy

Earn all other Achievements.

Rogue Rogue Legacy

Complete the game in 1 life in True Rogue mode.


Complete the game in 15 lives or less in Thanatophobia mode.


Complete the game in 15 lives or less in Thanatwophobia mode.

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