CHURCH WILLAMS   Garden Grove, California, United States
alright chumps lets do this

Please leave a coment on my profile why your friending me with a full exlpination

if we do trade im looking for disco beat down hats
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scouts down time
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❤FloraeFempyro❤ Aug 6 @ 7:53am 
Rawr, i've invaded your profile with green!! 👽💚🐦🐍🐲🐉🦕🐸🐊🐢🐛🍀🌲🌳☘🌱🌿🌵🌴🍃🍐🍏🍈🥝🥑🥦🥒🍸🍵⛳🎄⛰🔋📗⚙⚖🔫📶📳♻️🈯️⚃
Appleteck Jul 31 @ 9:28am 
+rep added for important reasons
❤FloraeFempyro❤ Jul 14 @ 3:30am 
My big brother and very best friend in the whole world. Wouldn't trade this dude for a million dollars
❤FloraeFempyro❤ Jul 9 @ 1:39am 
+rep owo uwu -w- \uwu/
Radiant Eclipse Jun 23 @ 9:23am 
Hey, not sure if you remember me, but wanted to apologize for blocking you. I was going through some hard times with a former group of friends that I don't really want to get into. Long story short, I am sorry and I would like to be friends with you again man. :ikarugaflower:
Dylan Jun 9 @ 1:07am 
Hey. I'm not sure if you remember me at all from the time one of your friends introduced me to you (Sorin), but if you ever see this. I just wanted to know if it'd be alright for me to add you because of this.

That and I'm currently going through a bit of things at the moment and just need help or advice of some kind. Please.