Sara Leen   Buffalo, New York, United States
Nice to meet you. I'm Sara. I'm a programmer with XSEED Games.
In the past, I've also done side work, both as a translator and a programmer.

I've been a gamer my whole life, with an interest in just about every genre, really.

My true passion is music, though I don't feel I've gotten very far with that in my life to date.

I've had a pretty tough life in the past, but as time goes along, it does get better. Here's hoping that continues!

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ClassicJarboeSwans 12 oct. @ 11:38 
I haven’t been this excited about Friday since last Friday.Have a great & fun weekend.:heartmage:
mroczna_sarna 30 iun. @ 1:32 
Hi Sara - awesome news about Celceta, I was very surprised by the news. I'm glad XSEED ishandling PC port of this game, which means quality. Have a great weekend :estelle:
ClassicJarboeSwans 13 apr. @ 10:50 
Aletheia 1 ian. @ 10:11 
Happy New Year Sara, keep making awesome things! :)
link76000 27 dec., 2017 @ 17:02 
I wish you a happy end-of-year party Enjoy with your family friends
Cordialy :Lloyd2: :Prize: :Ocarina: :D:
:actionadol: :feena2: :reahhood: :adoroo: :reahwink: :adolok: :slyaisha: :sdadol: :sddogi: :sdelena:
mroczna_sarna 2 dec., 2017 @ 6:53 
Thanks for accepting and enjoy the weekend! :selphinehappy: