Princessuu Kennii-Chan
Kenny McCormick
Someday, I'll find someone who's willing to make a commision of my heavy.

Welcome motherfucker to my profile, where probably no one will look at this and will basically ignore everything on it. I'm you're host, that fat autistic nerd who probably plays games and faps in his mother's basement.

A recent exchange of mine w/ a possible scammer (no prior conversation, private profile, name changed excluding the "trading acc" in his name)
Scammer(Trading Acc): hello
Princessuu Kennii-Chan: Ah
Princessuu Kennii-Chan: Hi
Scammer(Trading Acc): hello is your unusual is up for trade?
Princessuu Kennii-Chan: Nah man, sorry.
Scammer(Trading Acc): i will overpay for it
Scammer(Trading Acc): please
Princessuu Kennii-Chan: I mean, I like ya in all, but honestly I accepted your invite to try and mess with your scamming technique. Just not in the mood to try and do it.
Scammer(Trading Acc): bro
Scammer(Trading Acc): can you find some accounts that have unusuals?
Princessuu Kennii-Chan: If I had anyone I hated I'd send you to them, but I got no one.
Princessuu Kennii-Chan: Good luck trying to get away with future endevours though
Scammer(Trading Acc) is now Offline.

Total Times Badly Scammed: 1
Total Times Being Retarded With My Items: 2

My current goals:
1: Be an Asshole
2: That's it.

If you're one of the screwballs who have seen my profile's bottom page before, I had alot of shit I watched here, but never updated it. But I forget shit and re-watch it when I do. It sucks sometimes, but doesn't suck others.

...And you're probably a :gmod::A::Y: :FLAME_SHOT::A::gmod:
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Weird Pyro Anime Vilan Aug 5 @ 10:48am 
I’ll be willing to do a pixel art or sfm (preferably the former) of your heavy!
ⒶComrade Bambi☭ Jul 25 @ 6:45pm 
hey hey! I'd be interested in buying your sinister voices mann bird! : )
French Heavy May 1 @ 5:29am 
Interested in a few of your spelled items. If for sale
Captain BirB Feb 17 @ 4:16pm 
Princessuu Kennii-Chan Feb 17 @ 10:39am 
Sorry Grandpappy sir, you need a Magical Mercenary to join the Tweeting Hoovy-Unibirds United Inc.
Captain BirB Feb 13 @ 10:42pm 
hai hai i do have a kiev can i join :)