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Heyo fellow Defenders!

Upon receiving several requests on this particular challenge I've decided to take some time and put together this hopefully helpful guide for all of you that struggle with this one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult,

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Demagol Apr 17 @ 2:40pm 
Thank you a lot for your videos! They helped me a lot to find interesting games(how do you find all those pearls) but they also made me rebuild and think twice about my layout in factorio. Maybe you should do a group for your followers/subscribers where you could present games and talk with a forum ? Anyway Have a good game!
Sneak0r Apr 17 @ 11:47am 
Hey Katherine,
I also like to thank you for your factorio vid's on yt. It realy sounds like you enjoyed the whole Belt Diva serie ;)
I promised my self to not read or watch anything about Factorio and figure out all by me self... Well and here I am... after 30h of completing the Story mode >.<
Dulac Apr 16 @ 2:31pm 
Hi Katherine,
thank you for the quick answer.
KatherineOfSky Apr 16 @ 1:40pm 
Hi Dulac! Glad you are enjoying the vids! In Space-X, I am using the Advanced Logistics System mod: https://mods.factorio.com/mods/anoutsider/advanced-logistics-system
Dulac Apr 16 @ 1:37pm 
Hi Katherine,
thank you for your realy good factorio series. It's very nice. I like to here your voice and the much details. So I can learn very much.

In some epesode you use an mod wich tell you where in the network you can find some stuff. Which one is it?
xArChIez Apr 15 @ 6:03pm 
Started playing not so long ago and your tutorials, especially the simple and advanced oil video, have really helped me building my factory in this game and I was wondering if you could please sign my profile (: