big dick enzyme
God looked to me and said: "Son... I fear what you've become". I looked back and replied: "I am no son of a man who fears".

Dense motherfuckers:

17:15 - TecC Zelao LFP: i cant entur ur crunchy cock

19:46 - karate: you're arma?
19:46 - |GM|Flange_Master: yes

19:14 - karate farmer: website doesnt work
19:15 - i forgot i have u on my friends
19:15 - karate farmer: good or bad
19:15 - idk
19:15 - karate farmer: thank you
19:16 - is now Offline.

22:26 - kf: hey man
22:26 - pvhLG: hey i just want to tell you somethin'
22:26 - pvhLG: can you and arma leave me alone please
22:27 - pvhLG: i moved on from the shit in the past and i want to be left the fuck alone
22:27 - pvhLG: ik iv been twatish things
22:27 - pvhLG: *done
22:27 - pvhLG: but im admitting to that stuff and i just want to move on
22:27 - pvhLG: bye.

22:36 - Refuse Disposal Personnel: play co op?
22:36 - karate farmer: i dont belive i own that game...
22:37 - Refuse Disposal Personnel: someday, you will oh yes, you shall

19:43 - seth: in uk we dont call them "mom"
19:43 - seth: we call them milf

the molesting panda : we never wanted to leave 4chan
the molesting panda : we were forced to

medication :ecapsule:

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