Alpha Beep   Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
:attentioncar: Please read this info box before you attempt to add me!

:attentioncar: Comment down below before you send me a friend request on Steam or Discord!
:attentioncar: I will only accept your friend request if I know you or we’ve played together in a TF2 server!
:attentioncar: Please, if you wish to add me for trading - be it for TF2 or Warframe, comment down below!
Alternatively, you can send me a trade offer instead.

I know I'm being strict here, but people just keep adding me for no real reason.
Just because I made some stupid meme doesn't mean you're permitted to random-add me out of the blue.
That's not real friendship. I'm not a trophy that you can show off to your friends.

Do not ask me for free items! I may have given gifts to good friends in the past, but directly asking me for free items will only guarantee that I will never give you anything for free, and may even end up in me removing you.

Discord: Kapparoach#3279

:match_fire: I don't want to set the world on fire ♫

:match_fire: I just want to start a flame in your heart ♫

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Team Fortress 2
What am I?
a filthy nerd

The Kapparoach is a one-of-a-kind creature mutated from a beetle, a cockroach and the elusive Kappa. Contact at your own risk.

Head Admin on SKUFS.net Mariokart and Council Member on Glubbable's servers, come visit me!


- Kap, Kapp, Kappa, Kepp, Roach

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Brief information about me, a terrible soulless person.

Name: my name jeff
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: 28th of October, 1999
Location: Helsinki/Vantaa, Southern Finland torilla tavataan
Favorite color: Orange

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Cool dudes and dudettes.
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Muffin Dwagon

You're all awesome, stay awesome. :safeheart:

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Angel : Kapparoach? Morelike Daddyroach

Angel : You get a years supply of succ from me

Barus : I know better things to choke on

๖ۣۜBenjamin : It's easier to do it from behind

Brother Roga : My ass is delicious :3

ColorBit : I like how we're completley black rn

Creep : Kappa has binds to say hi to people

Diamond : Hero x Kapparoach!

Doplerone : My wired keyboard ran out of battery

Gaia : Masturbaiting in a train is not unusual for me.

Glubbable ❥ : The bigger the appetite the bigger the butt~ (´・ω・`)

Gwenvael_095 : I don't kill people, I make them kill themselves

๖ۣۜHero : I'm not a chicken, I am a cheese

Injustice : rorek you look tasty af

me lol Kapparoach : Maybe if Fox News tried crouching, it'd be more accurate

Kapparoach : None of that matters, my dick is still the biggest boss in SF2

Mrs. Pyre : Get those yaoi hands away from me~

Muffin Dragon : Yes, static makes me moist

Newax : youre too young to be swallowed

Nights : You're very welcome, Kappy! You needed something orange and hot

Nights : my beep is looking seductively at Kappa's beep

nikola.grozdanovski898 : !kapparoachs girlfriend is gaia yeeey ahahhaha

Odie : Kappa-san. I see you have a fine ass today.

Odie : No game is perfect without a Kap

Odie : Pretend I never breached your profile.

ramin : I'm trash, maybe you should take me out

Robe : kappa is my god

Shadilay : ive never had this many large men on me that werent naked

Slayer : It aint lewd till you call him Cutieroach

Somith : Good think noone ever quotes me on anything.

Somith : Fun fact: 9 out of 10 people enjoy group rape

Spook : ./kick Kappa @Godammit, your jokes are too good

Spook : hm yes Kappa's ass is of fine quality

Spook : The dough on my ass cheeks are getting bigger

Tibulle : If you win this you get a blowjob kappa


Yammy : crutch loadouts are good :)

Yammy : this server in general is a Kapp fanclub tbh

Über Kirbeeh : I should get tinder so I can get laid

Ż4ton : im good at vidio games and im not gay give me noclip

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Kapparoach Sep 17 @ 9:57am 
MarkMaul, if you're having the "Missing map" error with Parish, find the existing slender_parish map file in your TF2 directory and delete it, then redownload it either through connecting to the server while it's running the map, or through the direct downloads found in the Steam Group.
MarkMaul -W.o.R- Sep 17 @ 9:51am 
Hello sir. i wanted to talk to you about Glubabble's slender_parish map, i cannot find the download link of that map anywhere, do you know where i can find it?
๖ۣۜxInf_rnus Sep 5 @ 11:02am 
You is right.
Turn back please.. Sep 5 @ 10:40am 
This is the most cutest engi I ever see:V
๖ۣۜxInf_rnus Aug 27 @ 10:56am 
And as I speak, he's now a Council Member. Part of the O5 Squad. :fhviking:
๖ۣۜxInf_rnus Aug 8 @ 9:13am 
Congrats on becoming Admin for SF2, lad. Now you can assert your dominance. :em_skull: