Sexy Flanders



A few pointers:
✓ 2000+ hours in Team Fortress 2
✓ 50+ games and still growing
✓ 4 years of Steam service
✓ Trusted game-hat trader at Steam Forums (sadly the page has been edited already)
✓ PayPal verified


If it matters, I LOVE collecting LEVEL 1 (one) hats, miscs and shit.

So if you happen to have some, check my Inventory if I don't have it yet, then COME AT ME BRO!


TF2 OUTPOST: TF2 Outpost []

TF2-TRADER REP: TF2-Trader Rep []

SOURCEOP REP: SourceOp Rep []


Unusual Hat(s) I'd Like to Obtain:
• Burning Flames Buccaneer's Bicorne
• Burning Flames Tartan Spartan (if this happen to exist I'm goin' APE SHIT)
• Burning Flames Samur-Eye
• Burning Flames Stainless Pot
• Burning Flames Noh Mercy (this one is impossible now)
• Burning Flames Bubble Pipe
• Sunbeams Bubble Pipe
• Massed Flies Handyman's Handle
• Massed Flies Ol' Snaggletooth

Unusual Hat(s) I Previously Owned:
• Searing Plasma Towering Pillar of Hats
• Scorching Flames Tippler's Tricorne
• Cloudy Moon Tippler's Tricorne
• Burning Flames Sober Stuntman
• Sunbeams Sober Stuntman
• Nuts n' Bolts Buccaneer's Bicorne
• Bubbling Bubble Pipe
• Massed Flies Hound Dog
• Circling Heart Master's Yellow Belt
• Cloudy Moon Fruit Shoot
• Burning Flames Scotch Bonnet
• Massed Flies Pyromancer's Hat
• Orbiting Fire Lucky Shot
• Burning Flames Sergeant's Drill Hat
• Scorching Flames Sergeant's Drill Hat
• Burning Flames Milkman
• Burning Flames Whoopee Cap
• Circling TF Logo Fancy Fedora

Unusual Hat(s) I Currently Own:
• Burning Flames Tippler's Tricorne
• Cauldron Bubbles Ol' Snaggletooth

TF2 Goals:
• Complete Vintage Hats [✓]
• Level 1 Vintage Hats [✓]
• 300 Defiant Spartans (1-100 levels x3)*
• 300 Tartan Spartans (1-100 levels x3)*

* - whichever comes first
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hey, ill give you 15kce for them fancy devious horns
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Invite steam group plss
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Hey,Need a key from ya,guy!
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Hey, im interested in your Dreadful Aura.