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Actually I'm not a pro in a specific genre. I rather play the best of each genre and enjoy the variety. So while I'm addicted to :CapitalDome: Civilization :Citadel: from the very beginning, I also play <Call of Duty> and <World of Warcraft>.

Back in the 90s my gaming "career" started with Point-and-Click Adventures like Monkey Island. The likes of :zzod: ("Uuuuuh" :zgrunt:) got me into RTS games. "The Incredible Machine" found a worthy heir in :toolmantim: Contraption Maker on Steam. Also :AOEKnight: Age of Empires :wololo: was a childhood companion, just as other legendary RTS games have been.

*sigh* Oh yes... The good old days ;-)

Have a look at my blog for (mainly Civilization 4 & 5) Steam Achievement guides:
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The best game ever made!

Civilization has been around since I can think (I dare say that start in the late 80ies). Since about 1990 I played Civ 1, Civ 2, Civ 3 and for years I played Civilization 4 and thought it could not get better! But it did!

Civilization 5 takes it to a new level! Everything has so much more meaning, is simpler or just makes more fun! Let me give you some examples:

Combat system
In every part of Civ before this was determined by how many units can you possibly stack on one field, march through enemy territory and wreak havoc. Now in Civ 5 tactics really matters! Move your units carefully, organize a retreat of heavily wounded veterans and bring fresh units to the front. Range units finally have a range! Terrain matters! I was sceptic playing a demo of Civ 5 some years back, but I'm converted!

Religion & Diplomacy
In Civ 4 religion was only about bringing in some extra cash once you built the holy shrine of that religion. Now it has meaning! You can customize your religion to match the victory you strive for. Heading for a military victory? Give your units a combat bonus near cities of your religion and prepare your conquest with missionaries. Going for culture? Pick a belief that grants you bonus culture from terrain around your cities! Great!

City states - first I thought what useless crap they were. Again I'm converted: A diplomatic victory is much fun and you can easily spoil other players bloodthirst with winning diplomatically before being conquered.

The modern age pendant to religion: Again you can decide between three different ways of winning and customize it to your needs. And it's all so easy!!! I have the feeling they ADDED MORE features to Civilization while at the same time making it MORE SIMPLE!

My god, scenarios! There's loads of them and the official ones provide an incredibly deep playing experience! Story, historical background, it's amazing! It even pushed me to publish strategy guides on my own blog! -- Edit: By now I have strategy guides out for most scenarios playing on Deity. Challenge accepted, challenge completed!

So if you're still not sure whether you should go for it - trust people who have more than 1,000h play time! Do it! Get it! Play it! Enjoy it! Have fun!
PS: Yes, it still has the "one more turn" factor - an absolute MUST for Steam Award Nomination in the category "Just 5 More Minutes”!!!
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"Jäger des Verlorenen Schatzes" Achievement. Selbst nachgeholfen... Mehr demnächst auf meinem Blog.

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Kalle Jul 5, 2019 @ 11:50am 
What shall I say? It takes a while to win all those scenarios on Deity with each faction :CapitalDome: :steamhappy:
Aussiedroid Jul 4, 2019 @ 6:11pm 
Always great to meet another Civ / WoW fan :ai_flare: .. that is some impressive hours you have put into Civ 5 mate! :emofdr:
emoji boss minion bee May 1, 2018 @ 9:46pm 
I followed your guide for the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario, and eventually rolled Deity/Immortal Egypt saves that have the coastal marble hill, along with some other luxes nearby. I was able to win with them, of course. Do you want me to share them so others don’t have to keep rerolling?
Snacky Treehorn Aug 25, 2017 @ 1:24pm 
-rep wallhack
The Dude Aug 25, 2017 @ 1:24pm 
-rep hacker
Consoco Jul 4, 2017 @ 8:44am 
thanks for the civ5 guides, they're good