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I play shooters, tactical shooters, turn based and real time strategy games, and grand strategy, all in Ubuntu Linux.
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Uriel 🐧 2019. máj. 7., 20:16 
Saludos! :signix:
tuxdelux 2018. júl. 2., 20:25 
Thanks for your feedback on starcrawlers. I am using 16.04 64bit... Going to wait to hear back from the developers, I guess.
lnxpnk 2018. júl. 2., 16:53 
Hey. @Tuxdelux, I haven't played starcrawlers in a while, but it ran Ok on ubuntu 16.04, haven't installed it yet on 18.04. cbones, I just ran Don't Sink and it does not have sound. have you filled a bug report?
cbones - LINUX 2018. júl. 2., 12:27 
While you are fielding tuxdelux's question, I have one for you too! Did you have sound when you played Don't Sink?
tuxdelux 2018. júl. 2., 11:50 
Do you have Starcrawlers working on ubuntu? Is there a trick to launching it without getting a black screen?
Gallomimia 2018. márc. 11., 14:22 
Love the profile pic. I had a gameboy original, and all those addons! Also a game-genie, which couldn't be used with that light and magnifying glass.