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Former moderator for TF2C. Games I enjoy include TF2, CSGO, Binding of Isaac and Rimworld (among many others.) I collect shiny hats as a hobby, you got a problem with that?
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Congratulations on the mess you made of things
I would appreciate it if you read this first before adding me.

Keep in mind that I am a busy individual who works well past full-time hours and I don't always have easy access to my phone or computer. Odds are I'm not intentionally ignoring you as opposed to just being busy or in the middle of a shift. Of course, priorities come first.

Rates for selling to me are as follows:
$1.65USD per key (via PayPal or Cash App)
$.90USD per ToD Ticket
70%-85%'s listed value EXCLUDING Spells. This can heavily fluctuate depending on whether prices are up-to-date and the resellability of certain items. Not currently looking to buy Backpacks right now though.

I have been impersonated in the past. I claim no responsibility in the loss of items, so be careful to check the profile of the individual you're trading with. TF2 and CSGO communities are filled with dishonest people who lie about prices and host bots that provide phishing links under the innocent guise that they want to give you a gift or ask you to compete in a organized competitive team. This is usually not the case.

Useful resources Trust []
Steamrep []
I will not trade, under any conditions, to a Steamrep marked scammer. Likewise, I generally won't offer a trade first to anyone who has less positive user reviews than me, OR appears to have a compromised account. Unless I know you well, my payments will be in increments.

I have many people added on Steam that have poor reputation within other communities. On that note, keep in mind that by being someone's "friend" on Steam, that doesn't mean I agree with everything they do. I'm not paid to be a babysitter - in fact, I hate kids. If you feel wronged, have dignity and take it up with them yourself.

2 Cities Drops: (at 65 tours)
13: Australium Knife and ProKS AWPer Hand Kit (TS, Incin)
33: Spycicle Kit (TS, FH)
53: Rescue Ranger Kit (TS, CD)
55: Classic Kit (DD, FH)


Nuke and Office are the best maps
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JustJolly Dec 1 @ 6:36pm 
ey bruh, will 175 rat stompers pay the price for the spellbound slick hair you got my g?
Cloudwalker Nov 29 @ 3:02pm 
Not super desperate to sell but I may be willing to for a hefty price. Spells are going up like crazy and I'm not even sure I could let go for 500 keys. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if I look to cash out again I'll keep you in mind!
Lost Nov 29 @ 12:56pm 
Hey there, if you'd ever be willing to sell the demonflame soviet gentleman, I would be very interested in buying. I can understand if you never want to though. It's a fantastic hat. Have a good day. :snowslimehappy:
󠀡󠀡󠀡Chikunia⁧✠ Nov 28 @ 6:17am 
Stryker Nov 27 @ 10:36pm 
Bs lol
Cloudwalker Nov 27 @ 6:33pm 
Sorry I only sugardaddy the rich ;)