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Hiya, thanks for dropping in! Click view more info :8bitheart:
Leave a comment before adding me!, I decline all random adds!
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Various users have been impersonating me!
I used to be know by the alias Jewlander but:
I recently changed my name AND avatar so be careful when trading with people using my old ones, I'm not going back to it so anyone using it now isnt me.
I will never add you to ask to borrow items or for free items.
Always check who you're trading with before doing trades.
Otherwise, I'll see you around!

Basically my TotH2016 experience [i.imgur.com]
:mean_creep: [i.imgur.com]
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Everything is clean.
I sell keys via paypal. Comment below if you're interested & I can quote my current price!
Hit up my outpost if any of these interest you and to see the rest of what's for trade: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/163881
Read This, Doofus
I am being impersonated!
I've also changed my name & avatar to KaimTime! Anyone using the old ones isnt me!
Check my TF2 Hours: 4,000+, My Join date: August 22, 2008
& my tf2 inventory for my Cloudy Moon Killer's Exclusive to verify it's me!
If you are adding me for trading questions or tips, please check this thread first (click me)
If I added you it's likely for my #33 collection/something trading related!

Stream [www.twitch.tv]
Music [www.last.fm]

> [Season 12] Kawaii Kids Klub | Silver - Starter Spy - 0-2
> [Season 14] Impulse 9 | Steel - Starter Heavy - 2-2
> [Season 15] Cry Baebees | Steel - Starter Spy/Med - 7-3 (playoffs)
> [Season 16] Boyz n the Hood/Cry Baebees | Silver - Starter Spy - 2-2
> [Season 16] Spicy+ Support | Silver - Starter/Backup Spy - 4-4
> [Season 17] Spicy+ Support | Silver - Starter Spy - 4-4
> [Season 18] Keep Your Salt | Silver - Starter Spy - 2-3
> [Season 18] MITCHELL LEWIS | Silver - Starter Spy - 10-2 (3rd Place)
> [Season 18 All-Star Match] Team Red | Silver - Spy - 2-1 :summersun: All-Star Spy S18 :summersun:
> [Season 19] Dramatic Music Intensifies | Silver/Gold - Backup Spy - 6-3
> [Season 20] Slamming Jammers | Gold - Starter/Backup Spy - 12-1 (1st Place)
> [Season 21] Ok👌 | Platinum - Starter Spy - 3-5
> [Season 22] Fast Forward | Platinum - Backup Spy - 8-4 (3rd Place)

> [Season 20] ohioisonfire and his gang | Silver - Starter/Sub Med - 5-4

> [RGL Season 1] Pico11 | Comp-Low - Starter Scout/off-class - 3rd place
> [Sigafoo Challenge Cup] Something Good | Starter Spy/Scout
> [Heals for Reals Event] Daffodil's team | Spy/Scout - 2nd place

Selling my Noh Mercy Collection, Cash/Pure Only
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Sunjar Nov 8 @ 10:14pm 
just took down a few more of my unusuals from marketplace like a hellfire rack + alot of easy miscs cloudy rack but if you still wanna talk about the offer add me or send me an offer i could also give mixed offers with cash.
Demon Sniper 666 Nov 8 @ 1:51pm 
Add for talk on peace noh
Sunjar Nov 8 @ 11:55am 
I would appreciate it if you could telm me what you would accept check my bp please i collected alot of rare stuff within time , ty!
King of doom Nov 8 @ 9:18am 
found you because a scammer tried to impersonate you and ended enjoying your content
Sunjar Nov 8 @ 1:04am 
added to make an offer on your scorching flames noh mercy!