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Bob Feb 24 @ 9:28am 
fun player :steamthumbsup:
Zoonika Feb 8 @ 11:49am 
retarded guy with small pp
76561199241616592 Mar 15, 2023 @ 5:16pm 
signed by me, lets play csgo :)
LEZZ RESSAL LEZZ RESSAL KID Mar 10, 2023 @ 7:23am 
Eevert. This dude had so much rizz, he could make an entire empire bow down to him. When GIGA EEVERT speaks, the Senate listens When Eevert COMMANDS I OBEY Let's break down why Eevert was such a gigachad.
First off, the man was a straight-up alpha. He conquered Gaul like it was nothing, and he did it all while the betas tried to outcock him outnumbered. He knew how to tell his troops how to BANG which is why he was able to clap so many armies. Plus, he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty and fight on the front lines. That's some sigma energy right there.
But here's the thing that really makes Eevert BASED. Despite all his RIZZ and BIG ♥♥♥♥ ENERGY, he never forgot where he came from. Homeboy knew how to take care of the hood He built new public works, sponsored drip games, and even implemented a new BASED calendar. He was a true sigma who cared about his homies.
борян Mar 9, 2023 @ 8:55am 
syper AntIX Mar 5, 2023 @ 7:56am 
-rep noob leave is game