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About myself
Physical description

Gender: Male
Age: 22

Owner of Hampshire Heavies Reborn, a FF2 server.

What I do in free time is playing games like TF2 (most often on my server), OW, GTA games and Anime games. I also watch animes and other shows & movies that are interesting.


In-game: Might not respond fast as I'm too busy in-game.
Online: Feel free to message me.
Away: Well, it means I'm away. Probably lying in the bed, eating or something else.
Busy: Probably playing other games or watching something. Don't bother me.
Offline: I'm sleeping or at school.

Adding me

If I don't know you, comment on my profile before adding.

Any private profiles or level 0 profiles will be ignored.

Likes and dislikes


- Gaming
- Scripting
- Drawing
- Anime
- Music
- Night


- Being told what to do
- Scammers
- Toxic people
- Reality
- Being ignored
- Seafood
Favorite Group
Hampshire Heavies Reborn - Public Group
The Hampshire Heavies Reborn
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Artwork Showcase
Look at me. Ain't I Kawaii-nya? :3
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Seasonsgray Jan 1 @ 8:15pm 
𝓗𝓪𝓹𝓹𝔂 𝓝𝓮𝔀 𝓨𝓮𝓪𝓻! :ori::balloon:
Seasonsgray Dec 25, 2018 @ 10:06pm 
𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼𝓼! :ori:
Seasonsgray Jan 2, 2018 @ 11:33pm 
Happy New Year :ori:
Seasonsgray Dec 29, 2017 @ 11:29pm 
I know I'm late, but Merry Christmas! :ori:
NovelaxNeko [NOR] Jun 30, 2017 @ 11:46am 
Loved by :_N_::_E_::_K_::_O_: (No homo :smilekit:)
NovelaxNeko [NOR] Jun 30, 2017 @ 11:45am 
Signed by: :_N_::_E_::_K_::_O_: :catpaw: