Dominik ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   Rzeszow, Poland
Yup i play only tf2
Sniper main and i like play soldier,demo,scunt and spy
I dont like tradnig , my tf2 stuff ↓↓↓

Hud:C-sharp hud you can downoload this

Cfg: Toaster cfg I made him here

hitsound: and tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg 140
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg 5

Viewmodel switcher:

Crosshair: cl_crosshair_file3

Viewmodel: viewmodel_fov 88, fov_desired 90, tf_use_mini_viewmodels 1

I love <3 tf2

I`m lovely Mops and i dont like salty gays


I hate scammers

scammers are m o t h e r f u c k e r s :)
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can you add me?
P) 23. juli kl. 14:15 
Hi can you add me I want to ask you something. :b3d_wow:
Yorkshire Tea 27. juni kl. 15:20 
+rep He blew my head off and i took his advice..he still shot my head off.
NΞZZ2K 18. juni kl. 0:07 
B_Y_E Śmiechu Warte.....
B_Y_E 18. juni kl. 0:01 
Od cheaterów prosa wyzywają xD
76561198934968155 23. apr. kl. 13:47 
Hey do you remember me? im the guy from casual