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shenanigan 18 hours ago 
wait,why we aren't edating yet ?
Cronk May 1 @ 1:15pm 
Today 📅📅📅 is MAY DAY 👷❗️❗️👷 Most people 👥👥 are forced to work 🔨📞💻 for PROFIT 💲💹💹🏧 but I would work 🔨📞💻 for YOU 👦 👧 because YOU'RE MY COMRADE 💪👬👭💂❗️❗️
princess dvs merc Apr 16 @ 11:53am 
After a good game in tf2, I added him because he seemed like a cool guy. We got chatting, over the next couple of months we became good friends. Lots of banter, lots of great tf2 and most importantly true friendship. I invited him to my house for a highlander lan party. He said he was coming so I was looking forward to meeting him in real life. When he arrived at my house, he pushed me against the wall and started nibbling my ear, I felt his hard cock push against my leg. I punched him and then airshot him. Turns out he was gay. Don't trust this guy.
cw.DVscheme | LF subs S16 Apr 2 @ 7:55am 
calvin do you want a coke?
cj Mar 23 @ 2:40pm 
added for 6s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Koko #IWantYouBack Mar 20 @ 9:18am 
Mina. uwu <3