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You unlocked all achievements.

Terra's Truth

You discovered the truth about Terra and her hidden power.

More Than King

You found and befriended Locke.

Hang on, Old Man!

You brought all the characters together.

Road to Carnage

You had all of Shadow's dreams.

Portrait Time!

You found and befriended Relm.

Fast Friends, Kupo!

You found and befriended Mog.

Bone Carver

You found and befriended Umaro.

In the Belly of the Beast

You found and befriended Gogo.

Mech Mania

You got all of Edgar's Tools.

Masterful Mastership!

You learned all of Sabin's "Blitz" commands.

Sword Master

You learned all of Cyan's "Bushido" commands.

King of the Beasts

You learned all of Gau's "Rage" commands.

Wandering Gambler

You matched all the symbols on Setzer's "Slots."

An Uncommon Wizard

You learned all of Strago's "Lore" commands.

A Chance in a Pinch

You discovered all of the hidden "Blitz" commands.

Washed Up on Solitary Island

You witnessed the World of Ruin event.

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