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If you're looking to chat, just come to the Discord server! Link to the server is next to my avatar!

Or if that doesn't satisfy you, send me a PM via YouTube or leave a comment here on my Steam profile if you want to add me for some reason. Though most likely I'm not gonna add you. Sorry for the honest good people who want to add me because of my vids, but I'm just so tired of people adding me and demanding for items just because I'm "famous..." Also if I were to add one random person, I'd have to add all of them. That's a cluster ♥♥♥♥ I do not want to stick my face in.

PS: F*ck random crits.
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And that's as far as you can level yourself up in Warframe... for now. (July 14, 2022)
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TL;DR: This game is just one chore after another instead of being proper fun.

Okay, a few key complaints.

1) Who thought it would be fun to spend majority of the game looking for a specific mech model with a specific variation if you want to use specific weapons? It takes you mere hours if not minutes for you to find weapons like particle cannons (which are large energy weapons, BTW) but it took me 40 hours to get my hands on the first mech that could equip two of those particle cannons at the same time. "Don't be greedy, you don't necessarily need weapons like that" I hear someone say, to which I answer: what was the problem with having loads of models with their own traits but you could equip different weapons on those mechs? I could've lived with a size limitation but when you have to find a mech with a matching weapon type slot that is also the right size, configuring mechs becomes just tedious. Not to mention the fact that you need to find said mechs first, assuming that the suitable variation even exists!

2) In what world is this main campaign considered "fun?" How is it fun to be stuck in missions because no legitimate strategy works towards the end? Not specific squads, not specific weapons, not specific strategies, nothing. You're just swarmed by enemy mechs, tanks and helicopters that just bombard you to death before you can take down even half of them. As I write this, I've been stuck in what I'm HOPING to be the last campaign mission for two days. No builds are working out for me, not even cheesing is an option because of the way how ridiculously powerful the AIs are against you, but also because no matter what mechs are on your squad, they're essentially dead weight. Speaking of enemy AI...

3) Who in their right mind thought it was okay to have AI enemies that can stay locked on to your 24/7 to a point that the instant they can spot your hitbox from behind a corner, they'll shoot you if not hit you, especially if they have lasers. Weather conditions? Nope, that's and issue only for you, no-one else. The AIs have no problem targeting you through the thickest of fogs so you're just sh*t out of luck if you can't tank all the hits you'll be taking. AI teammates? Yeah that's nice, too bad that I've seen a squadmate in a heavy mech lose a 1v1 against a light enemy mech. And said squadmate had some of the best lasers I could've given to him.

I'm sorry but the instant I 100% this game, it's going straight to trash.

PS: Don't bother with RTX, it's so poorly optimized that a 2080Ti and i9-9900K tank to 2FPS when you get more than four mechs on the map.

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While I am thankful for everyone who have given wasted their Points by giving some to me, please consider giving the points to a friend first. I got pretty much everything I want from the Point Shop already so really, PLEASE consider brightening the day of a friend first. :2016popsicle:
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✅ Cool guy !!!
Rumplestiltskin Sep 12 @ 8:36am 
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🔥🔥 We can be friends  for future games 🔥🔥

⚡️⚡️ Have a wonderful day⚡️⚡️
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✅✅✅+REP Nice profile ✅✅✅

Pomsoneer #SaveTF2 Sep 3 @ 2:59pm 
I am a medic main and i would like to become your friend for those occasions when bot or cheaters become to much for one person to handle. (i wanna be your friend because your really good at the game and you sound really irritable because of the bots so i can help with that)
Nico0907 Aug 28 @ 3:05pm 
+rep Amazing Youtuber and Super TF2 Teammate
Night Aug 23 @ 6:06am 
I add you not because you are famous but giving some suggestions, and tasting your sign.

No I don't use Discord anymore(if you say why isn't it possible i'll say its just not, just dont)

keep me or delete me afterwards, up to you idm but remove this comment if you delete me
[Instert Cool Name Here] Aug 19 @ 12:01pm 
this guy is a really good tf2 youtuber nice gameplay and hit sounds :D