celestial bitch-slap
aiden york   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
is online.

greatest hits:

kilozombie: rfucking radcist
york: what
kilozombie: rfucking racsit
Kobby: But you know what I like more than free pot brownies?
york: nuts
Kobby: intimacy
kilozombie: what dont u kno
kilozombie: where u rip off the clit and eat it at the bar and your buddies go 'what an edgy dude'
york: Thanks Kappa Kappa Graw Graw!
york: ur so funnie
Kobby: yeah my mom tells me that all the time
york: my mom doesn't tell me anything
york: frmo the grave
Kobby: except booty calls
Kobby: because I had sex with your dead skeleton mom
york: jesus fucking christ
Kobby: yeah she dabbed afterwards
Kobby: it was strange

known aliases:
dingus, friend, dr. dingus, yonk, A.Y., zilokombie
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"DEATH GRIPS IS ONLINE" is the eponymous band's sixth studio album, and features several guest appearances from internet personalities like "kilozombie" and "york Dingus". Critics initially were confused by this album's more off-beat tone, but in the following months, it earned a cult following for its heavy electronic experimentation and numerous samples from "The Family Guide To Computers (1996)", released on VHS.
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