Justin 'Ronin' Coolidge
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This is my alternate account. Contact me on my main account here .
Check out my youtube
Email me at: basscraft9@gmail.com

Stay peachy everyone!

List of youtubers/streamers I've made requeue:

Uncle Dane
Delfy (Three times)
b4nny (Three times)

Memorable ingame quotes:

(TEAM) 0 : oi shogun i used to feel bad for u, but you deserve to get impersonated by the robotics guy, hope he gets u banned. peace out.

Victor Mario : go back to space you 'green machine' ♥♥♥♥♥'

Nightstalker_55_420 : Don't worry. I have met Shogun before. He is part of the entourage of hackers and he defends them and acts as a yes-man. ♥♥♥♥

(1)ShogunMetalBot : HGHAVE AT YOU!111!1!
*DEAD* Reaper : have at you !!!!11!!!!!1!!! (lol)

John China was automatically assigned to team RED
(Voice) the spycrab: Help!
Justin 'Ronin' Coolidge : china?!
Justin 'Ronin' Coolidge : Tiannamen Square Massacre 1989 Winnie the poohTiannamen Square Massacre 1989 Winnie the poohTiannamen Square Massacre 1989

Scunt Gaming : cant get me
Scunt Gaming : rekt
(Standing in the 2fort spawn door where you can shoot through)
fungwah bot 27 killed Scunt Gaming with sniperrifle. (crit)
*DEAD* Scunt Gaming : the ****

(TEAM) musicman2127 : Again, please no music in voice chat.

Jeff_Bezos_Gaming : Justin 'Poop' Coolidge
(Oh how right you are. I cringe at the real Justin)

TTV/Wishfulmerchant : hey justin check this out
TTV/Wishfulmerchant : 93.242.652.41
(Not my IP, idiot tries to scare me.)

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hey, add my new account! this one will be abandoned unfortunately..
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bro bot moment
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+rep frenchman invades US with horrible ping
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+rep god of tf2
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+rep good player greetings from saudi arabia