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Okay so i was interacting with this guy on csgo and i thought he was a pretty cool guy then i asked for his steam so we can play games and he gave me it and then we were playing and he was making these gay jokes and i thought nothing of it and i asked him where he lived and he lived pretty close so i said lol wanna have a LAN party just a couple of gaming nerds and he agreed and we were going then he said hey man and this guy was like a foot above me and he was so tall then i said hey and i pissed my pants cause he was so tall then he said did u just pee urself and i said yeah all embarrassed like and he said its okay then he grabbed me and threw me into his trunk and he drove off and im curerntly tied underneath his basement +rep
nico. Aug 9 @ 11:47am 
signed by nico.
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signed by bideN :}
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