Jun   Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
A life of regret and pain.


Likes :steamthumbsup:: friendly people, games, irl friends, Titan
Dislikes :steamthumbsdown:: studying, pressure, technical gaming issues

I'm fortunate enough to be able to receive a lot from others. Not planning on selling any if they're from current friends. These are the people who I need to be grateful for:

Cluss (ls.scu) : Golden Garment sniper cosmetic / Rifle + 1 key

Tyson: Blood Banker, Frenchman's Formals, Cosa Nostra Cap, Hat with No Name, Dead Reckoner Revolver, Airwolf Knife, A Hat to Kill For, Cut Throat Concierage, Buy a Life, Boxtrot

OwO: basically so much, sks engi set, buying things from me for higher prices, etc. Also TERRARIA.

Sike : KIll covered crusader's crossbow, MEDIC background

Sir : killstreak C.A.P.P.E.R. SORRY I sold it on accident.

Boface: Unusual Wraith Wrap + 2 keys + friendship/extended essay xd

Someone anonymous : Sks classic, pks huntsman, sks huntsman, sks tomislav, and a lot more.

ipv6 : specialized killstreak ubersaw kit.

Tissue (Tsu) : strange phlog, strange third degree, strange scorch shot. Cute santarchimedes.

Grape (Willy) : Unusual Charmer's Chateau. Sorry I lost it.

SCP-Onii Chan : Winter Woodsman, strange cleaner's carbine

Noah: TF2 items, scrap, weapons.

Sean : CSGO itself. CSGO skins.

Green : signature XM1014 shotgun.

thdhtey : Gmod.

Unknown Player (Winnie man): Strange Festivized Quick Fix, 2 keys

Majin Devil: Strange Alpine Paint, Strange Reindeericorn. STRANGE (penguin, Pocketmedes, bread monster, Handy Canes, Cadet Visor, Party Poncho, Demo's Dustcatcher, Telefragger Toque) + Strange sks festivized knife, strange sks festivized shahanshah, strange festivized air strike + 6@ Stranges

William: Stattrak Deagle, stattrak glock water elemental, M4A4, AK47 Vulcan

Haise Saseki (dontmindme): Name Tag, scrap, weapons

reii: Strange Winter Woodsman, Strange Frenchmen's Beret

Ham (-3*C Dry Ice): Bunch of CSGO Skins + Sealed Graffiti

Alepheia.: Don't Starve Together

Lero Ro: Festivizer

Pootman: 2 mann co tickets

Ross: Strange globetrotter

Sam / Mercurious: L4D2

you've seen everything. be on your merry way.
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Mini Intro
On Steam I mostly leave TF2 on.

In TF2 I mostly play med. Reason: I like helping others, conversing / communicating with people, getting fed kills , etc. About the only class I can normally/casually play with a single mac / no mouse.

Trying to remember.....

I don't necessarily have a clean past and got into some conflicts that I feel bad about. A growth mindset is especially important to have, whether it be game skills, socializing, winning someone over. Everyone has room for improvement.

Awaiting college and trying not to blunder in life.

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It's 100% from AFK
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I actually never noticed u have 7.4k hours on tf2
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how long now..
since we met on titan.tf (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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yo dude, send me a friend request, lets play together