JumboSizedFish#4457   Texas, United States
Isabella, Isabel, Bella, Daniel, Dan, Pablo
Transgender Female (she/her, he/him, they/them)

G'day! I like wasting my time and money on Steam. I prefer playing action and simulation games.
Assembly programming game speedrunner, Touhou addict, L4D2 enjoyer, TF2 lover.
Outside video games, I spend my time writing short stories and programming stuff.

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I review some of my products, which tell you what the product is and what I think of it.
Lots of my previous reviews have been wipe off as they don't match the standards I have.
Those games might not be reviewed anytime soon.

I currently use the gaming laptop MSI GE75 Raider 9SE.
1. 64-bit Intel Core i7-10750H with 6 cores and 12 logical processors, runs by 2.59Ghz.
2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with 6GB of display RAM, and Intel UHD Graphics with 1GB of display RAM.
3. DDR4-2666 16GB RAM, about 15 is usable.
4. Two drives with about 475GB (C) and 909GB (D). D-drive is used for Steam.
5. I currently use Windows 11 Home, and had used Windows 7 and 10. I'm interested in Linux, so I might try some Linux distros out at some point.
6. I used a wired mouse and headset. My headset lacks a microphone, so I'm using my laptop's built-in microphone.
7. I currently own a wired XBox 360 controller based on the likeness of a Dualshock 3 controller.
8. My personal chair is a blue gaming chair, which I currently have to support my head and neck. I had previously used a blue office chair, and generic fold-able chair.
9. I have two monitors, a TV with a stand, and my laptop's bulti-in monitor. The TV is the primary one.

I'm saving up for get my dream desktop PC to replace my laptop.
You may check out the specs and price here.

Here's my ideal double cheeseburger meal.
1. Slightly-thin yet juicy beef patties.
2. Cheese on the top of each patty.
3. Ketchup on the bottom of each patty.
4. French fries between each patty.
5. Turkey bacon at the top.
6. Long and think fresh lettuce at the bottom, small quantity.
7. Small side of french fries outside burger.
8. Patty, fries, and bacon seasoned by salt, pepper, and ranch.
9. Glass of Dr. Pepper, root beer, sweet tea, or lemonade. Easy ice.
10. Barbecue sauce to dip my fries into.

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