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I go through my day pretty normal like, I'm a normal guy, I'm a swell guy, I'm a nice enough guy, I'm a cool kind of guy, I'm a pretty groovy guy...but then I get a little SUGAR in me and start to go KOO-KOO. Doesn't have to be much, this time it was two of 'em Fiber One brownies. Only 90 calories each but they do the job. Do you know what I'm sayin'? They get me goin', they get me riled up, a little KOO-KOO, a little WACKY, start gettin' me a little KOOKY, a little, y'know, LOOPY-- OOO. Hey, somebody get this kid in a padded cell! Someone get him a straitjacket! He's gettin' a little little KOOKY! He's off the walls, bananas, loco! You want me to stop. Isn't that wonderful? Well, let me just do what you say, because it's your little fairy tale...
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salta pinnar kompis :BITRAY_Mistrust: