Andalucia, Spain
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SourcePawn Dev [github.com], and a partial Source Map Dev and Artist.
Profile art by: Sympathetic#7479 [sympleart.tumblr.com]

Portfolio (?):
● Ex-Administrator of Red Sun Over Paradise [redsun.tf] for 2 years. (This included server plugin/content creation for TF2, server maintenance and community management)
● Ex-Minideveloper of SLAG Gaming (now closed) for ~3 years. (Regular content creation and moderation)
● Ex-Moderator of various sites and servers for ~4 years, none of them notable enough to be here
● Original author of vsh_slaghouse (trash map) and tfdb_medievaltower (not trash map)
● Did optimization and bot pathing for koth_iglesia
● Creator of the custom MvM mission Outdated Processing (12th place) for the Operation Titanium Tank [hydrogen-mvm.github.io] and also did a guide on this community tour as well with the assistance of Swordstone.

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I have no idea what happened but I’d like to maintain a connection.
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Thank you for the info regarding who to contact in order to reserve a server, I aprreciate it <3