Ryan   United States

Some of my favorite games are:
L4D2, TF2, CS:GO, Risk Of Rain 2, Nuclear Throne, Arma 3, Overwatch, HL:DM, Garry's Mod, Anything Half Life, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Death Road to Canada, Katana Zero, RS6, Fistful of Frags, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Unturned, Just to name a few.

I also like film, video making, streaming, drawing and art, and videogame mapping - specifically using the hammer editor for the source engine. I consider myself to be pretty proficient in it.

If any of that interests you, too, send me a friend request. I'll probably accept it, I'm very curious.
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1 crate + 1 key = Shitty unusual but I made 50 bucks.
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Created by - JPC
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A guide by an above average player on lasting above average times alone, on all survival maps.

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