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Aug 21 @ 8:38pm
In topic Sub and expansions
Originally posted by Diro:
Still 29.99 for SHb - then 29.99 for EW

Supposedly SHb will go on sale 2 months before EW release. People saying that happened with all previous epxansions
Well, at least you can see your Keyboard + Mouse prompts now in a game that was clearly designed to be played with a controller. :lunar2019crylaughingpig:
People who complain about Ki regen in dark realm should look at the right side of yokai skill tree.
Also do you know that sacred water is pretty much essential item just like Elixir. Just keep it on your bar and if you struggle in dark realm - use it.
I don't know if you have beaten the main game yet or no - your profile is closed. You keep mentioning ARPG. I play a lot of Path of Exile and used to paly Diablo and I don't remember being a speed machine during story. Usually when you finish the story and can set up your build - you start zooming. Try to get used to new mechanics I guess?
Nov 11, 2020 @ 12:38pm
In topic Russian language
Так себе вопросы, и платить столько за игру сделанную на коленке - не очень идея. Вообще если есть желание поиграть в подобное - есть "Своя игра". Можно с друзьями поиграть и комьюнити часто делает паки с вопросами. При желании можно сделать пак с вопросами самому для друзей. Гуглите "SIGame". ID паблика вконтакте - si_game
Не вернут пока не разберутся. Это скорее вина стима, а не сони. Люди абузили покупку через VPN, заходя через Турцию, например, и покупали игру в 3-4 раза дешевле чем у себя в стране. Поэтому сони подняли цену везде до одного уровня. Просто в некоторых других регионах нет такого блока как в RU/CIS и игры можно запускать везде, а стоят они на порядок дешевле.
Apr 13, 2020 @ 1:09pm
In topic Hi
Then just tick "Ignore" thingy. Nobody forces you to buy it.:lunar2020ratinablanket:
Apr 7, 2020 @ 3:13pm
In topic Can I enjoy this game if I don't like to PvP?
To a certain point. If you like to level skills to max - no, almost all high-tier resources located in open PvP zones
Feb 29, 2020 @ 5:16am
In topic Нет русского языка.
А можно так и оставить или хотя бы убрать уже этот региональный блок, чтобы можно было по желанию играть на европейских серверах? :lunar2020ratinablanket:
Feb 13, 2020 @ 11:51am
In topic So how is everyone's FPS going in the offline?
What about temperatures though? My CPU goes up to 85°C. No other games do that, even MHW or Tarkov don't make my CPU go above 70°C. I was hoping for any improvements with full release but there are none even on minimal settings.
Knew since their first works, never really liked them. Weird themes and unpleasant animations for me eye.
Mar 28, 2019 @ 10:14pm
In topic Game gifting thread
:lunar2019piginablanket: If anybody have a spare EU/CIS copy and have nobody to share it with I would be greatly appreciated :lunar2019piginablanket:
Jan 16, 2019 @ 10:30pm
In topic Проблема с роликами
Ставил Restored Content мод?
Там кучу багов исправили.
Jan 16, 2019 @ 10:23pm
In topic The Ending Makes No Sense (Major Spoilers)
Played it several times, really hate Nar Shaddaa and everything after returning to Dantooine. I played both vanilla and restored content versions. Restored content ending looks even worse to me.
А ты что - разработчик? И знаешь весь процесс создания и затраты на игру? И вообще, думаешь кто-то ориентируется на рубль? В Америке игра стоит 27 долларов, в России - 19. Давно уже пора забыть про такие цены, после событий 2014 года.
Sep 23, 2017 @ 3:04pm
In topic Elex seems promising after Risen 2 and 3
I don't think it will have anything common with Gothic/Gothic II. If you didn't know there is pretty much no people left from original group. Mike Hoge left piranhas even before Risen 3 developement started and he is working on his own Sci-Fi RPG - "Spacetime".
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