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A Mixing Machine From the Past, The Funny Mixer is now avalable in Starbound!

Comes in 9 8 Colors!

It's just a Cooking Station, Nothing really special.
Crafted at both tier's of Workbench's.

Inspired because of SiIvagunner King For anot
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Created by - Xandoshi222

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gibs Apr 21, 2019 @ 3:19pm 
What do you think about granny creams hot butter ice cream?
WarriorTrone Jul 1, 2018 @ 9:21am 
+rep kept killing me with spells, lel.
Jimmy Savile Jan 18, 2018 @ 3:15pm 
I will add you soon
Torinn Jun 1, 2016 @ 10:37am 
petition to rip off xandoshi's head and give him some advice
Catbrain Apr 25, 2016 @ 1:56pm 
just what is that avatar
Dizii_ Jan 6, 2016 @ 9:39am 
Remember when he was obsessed with dark bum?
me neither