Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada
I cheat, just ask these people.

ScOrPiOn‎ : 1 shot running pre-fire UH HU.
ScOrPiOn‎ : tell yourself that before you cheat
mesmeR_-‎ : I hit you twice doe
ScOrPiOn‎ : once
ScOrPiOn‎ : bean can boy

.Jz-‎ : about time you got a life
.Jz-‎ : shoresy

*DEAD* Major Thom : people with a life out side of their computer*

*DEAD* Space_Invader : forsaken has wallhack?
Space_Invader : he has wallhack.. dont check corners

*DEAD* Bretty : I honestly don't think you're legit lol
*DEAD* Bretty : or maybe your 1.8k hours has given you a great shot and amazing map awareness but you still havent figured out how to use wasd

Most butthurt kiddo yet,
CARL POPPA: puts all people calling hacks on him on his profile to make fun of them when in reality hes a closet cheater haha
CARL POPPA: go download some more free cheats kid its obvious

Cause cheating in casual makes sense....

*DEAD* Magic : odd
*DEAD* Magic : turn em off

Caldy : shark lock much
Caldy : I watched u lock on ppl's heads
Caldy : dont deny
Caldy : I watched u lol
mad cause he's played 1400 hours and is still trash

*DEAD* Olarnder : Jorry is cheating,m wall hacks

Quanta : someones not legit

lets fak dem : the fish is real

*DEAD* Steve : lol u just turn arouynd
Steve : nice walls buddy

*DEAD* SteEzy^v^ : lol
*DEAD* SteEzy^v^ : can you hide it

Supa z0mbIe.ins : fuck u fucking wallin peace of shit! lawls you dinked me 4 times therw box! ha gg!

Micheal : you were cal i lmao
Micheal : LMA
Micheal : O

bigbang : nice hacking

Regnar : Anyone else reporting joryyy for walling cause I am.
Regnar : Have fun being banned

*DEAD* Jägermeister : odd you are odd as fuck
*DEAD* Manager : odd is literally the only reason you guys won

<@Just4Fame|jory> <+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> Top Ringer Here
<@Just4Fame|Reinth> <+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> Top Ringer Here
<@Just4Fame|DevonMcallister> <+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> Top Ringer Here
<@Just4Fame|joe> <+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> Top Ringer Here
<@Just4Fame|jewishfantasies-1> <+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> Top Ringer Here
<@Just4Fame|Zephyr> <+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> Top Ringer Here

<+TYRANNIZE`jukestep> The immaturity of this community astounds me.

The Neon Order| Amirit? yarit
The Neon Order| yainorit yaunouritamirit?
The Neon Order| yaimrit word
The Neon Order| Fo sho

s9 Pointclick. 2nd cal-im
s10 Sky5/nefarious 22-1 cal m champs
s11 Skull Gaming cal-i/cevo m champs
s12 The unicorn warriors of the gumdrop forest under the sparkling waterfall of happyland cal-im champs
s10 Just4Fame US./eXe gaming cevo M 8-1

Dirtier than hilters K/D ratio.
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"The only reason I’m alive is waiting for the ai. To do some tight shit. and let me suck its fucking dick."
-Jon Mess

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nitetide Aug 17 @ 5:48pm 
Says the nerd who's never on...
nitetide Jul 26 @ 6:12pm 
shive Dec 28, 2016 @ 11:28pm 
Jory + Shive 4ever
mesmer Aug 16, 2016 @ 8:27am 
Aaaaand he deleted his comments LOL
mesmer Aug 16, 2016 @ 7:33am 
Mad he got rekt, my cheats are superior /s
nitetide Aug 16, 2016 @ 7:29am 
Look at this VAC'd nerd crying cheats. LOLOLOL.