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Joris Céoen   Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
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[h1]Welcome to SURF_GALAXY, a new Surf map for CS:GO (Combat Surf).[/h1]

The map features multiple layers of surfing, including surf ramps, dynamic bhop elements, boos
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I mainly upload Zombie Escape videos on my channel, as well as reviews about newly released games. If you enjoy Counter-Strike a lot you will most likely enjoy my channel. Have fun!


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g0d Feb 7 @ 4:47am 
♥♥♥♥♥ Lasagna +9
FPTyel Jan 27 @ 6:21pm 
Happy Birthday Joris, if it's true :cutestar:
$==SAhOK==$[Sg] Jan 13 @ 9:30pm 
[Paranoid Event] Gladiatorial combat

Good day. We declare the event on the map ze_paranoid_rezurrection_v11_9. This card can either be loved or hated. It is one thing to play as a team, and it is very easy to pass this map. Not this time. From the name of the event you probably understand that this time every man for himself. At this event you will be able to show your skills on Zombie Escape!

Time and date. 20.01.2009 18: 00 Moscow Time. - #01-Zombie Escape.
IP: 27015

At the time of the event will operate a number of rules? There won't be any rules.

Exception, prohibited from spam in a microphone.

We are waiting for everyone to participate in this unique event. All winners will be awarded. The event will go an hour and a half!

Good luck!

With respect team [Sg] Admin
Vincent Vega. Jan 8 @ 2:06am 
Hello Joris, please accept my friend request so I can talk to you bro.
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