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Rex 7 април в 10:19 
nub site
Ahlaish 10 март в 23:32 
Hello, I want to trade all your inventory (without cases and trash) for my Stattrak AK-47 Vulcan. Its around 300$ so I think it's a good offer for you. Send me trade offer please if you agree, AK and trade link are in the profile description. I don't add friends for safety so just send offer in my main profile
BrjuiS 4 март в 7:13 
Bowie Ruby for your M9 Bp?
cham 2 март в 15:06 
added bc interested in ak #592
Ev6b1 1 март в 5:58 
Added for trade ur 5-7
nOva 28 февруари в 6:20